Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Treasure Hunt

When I visited my Mom several weeks ago it was like a treasure hunt going through her stashes. My sister of course was happy to let me take home the treasures. I found a whole set of embroidery pieces that had barely been started. The lighting is odd, the background fabric is actually a pale pink.
Last night I broke out my embroidery floss, Sunday's child is finished.
Opps forgot to take a photo of Monday's child before I started. The only thing I added so far was her blonde hair. The family has been feeling a bit neglected since I have been sewing so much the past few days, these are a great little project to work on and can sit in the same room with everyone else.

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  1. i am so loving these! they remind me of growing up and my mom, aunties, and nana all did embroidery together and made pillowcases and tea towels. they are beautiful and i know what you mean about the family feeling neglected. sometimes i just have to go downstairs and be in the same room with them and they are happy.
    tallysoma from swap-bot