Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day

Three more cosmetic bags done. Nice to use a few more of the metal zippers.

204 hanger covers cut out waiting to be sewn. Not gonna happen today. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Home For The Weekend

My weekend plans were canceled due to rain. I am a bit disappointed but also know it is probably a good thing I stay at home this weekend.

I finished a couple more cosmetic bags. I actually like the looks of them flat without the squared bottoms and they take 1/3 less time. Hopefully I get done everything I want to this weekend and don't come down sick. I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days. I don't have time to be sick.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life Is Like...

I took a break from sewing. Had to get Mason's Senior ad put together for the yearbook. I knew I had a photo of him in a cap and gown somewhere.

From when he graduated from preschool in 1997. Wow how time flies.

The quote I used was:
Life is like a stack of coins, you only get one chance to spend it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Mouth

If I would keep my big mouth shut I wouldn't bite off more than I could chew. One of the guys that works for me has a birthday this week. I was joking around with him that I had the perfect pink striped tote bag for him. Which leads to a conversation about how he really needs a bag large enough to carry his laptop, folders and bible to church. Telling the story later to another co-worker leads to me to saying I can make him a messenger bag. Right about then I knew I had made a mistake. I had no plan and two partial evenings to make it. I just don't have alot of free time to sew during the work week.

Luckily David was very understanding last night. David and Mason spent the evening watching Scare Tactics. And surprisingly I finished the bag in about 2 1/2 hours, I guess all the tote making recently has improved my skills and problem solving. I hope it is "manly" enough for him. It isn't the best photo. Maybe he will model it for me tomorrow.

Note to self: Keep your big mouth shut!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Striped Bags

A couple more cosmetic bags finished. These have chenille on the inside. I might just have to keep one for myself. The good thing is I learned that I can cut a metal toothed zipper with little effort. I cut the fabric up to the metal teeth and then twisted the zipper and the teeth seperated fairly easily. That means I can use the other box of zippers I have stored. Quite a money saver that will be.
Five more cosmetic bags and one tote bag are laying on the table to be sewn. If I can get just work a little each day I will get it them done by the weekend. I did buy fleece for more hanger covers. More on that later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bibbed Out

I think I am officially done with bibs for a while.

I have used most of the random fabric scraps that I could find. But I really don't think I need to make any more at this point.

I did get a few more cosmetic bags sewn up yesterday.

And even have a line up of another 7 cut and ready to be sewn this week.

Hancocks has their fleece on sale $3.99 a yard this week. I do want to finish another 100 hanger covers for the craft fairs. Guess I will be stopping in to Hancocks this week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sucessful Saturday Sewing

The count is just over 200 of the hanger covers made.

Camo frog bibs and burp cloths are done.

Monkey bibs and burp cloths done.

Sailor doggie bibs and burp cloths done.

Even had time to make fleece softball pants.

And two more tote bags done.

Back to sewing...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trio of Totes

A trio of totes finished last night. Errands done for the morning and a load of laundry in the wash. I am headed to sew more right now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ready, Cut, Sew

Five tote bags sitting all ready next to my sewing machine.

Six more bibs, with matching six burp cloths and eight more hanger covers are cut.

I just need to go home and sew.

Anyone have any ideas on a masculine bag? I am thinking more of a messenger style in a dark chocolate color. Another birthday in my office. I have been teasing him about a pink striped tote bag. He says he needs something to carry his laptop, paperwork and bible to church in.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mickey Tote

The Mickey tote did get finished in the end. Luckily the tote bags are easy and don't require much thought to make. Hopefully I will get home from work at a decent hour tonight.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Up To My Ears

I just don't get enough done at home during the week.

I am up to my ears in tote bags. Another stack of 5 tote bags just waiting to be sewn. They are taunting me to be completed.

And speaking of ears. Mickey's ears to be exact. One of the ladies that works for me goes to Disney a couple times a year. Her son works there so she is quite hooked on anything Mickey. Her birthday is tomorrow. At least I got this far on the Mickey tote. I just couldn't ignore David when he got home yesterday.

Kids.... husband... don't they understand I have sewing to do.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Boy Bibs

I don't think I posted a photo of these finished.

Six of the boy bibs finished over the weekend. They all have white terry cloth on the backing. I finally picked up some brown minky today to finish the other six. All total I think I have around 40 sets of bibs and burp cloths ready for the craft fair.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary and my husband is three states away. Good thing I am not overly sensitive or anything.
Just a couple more items knocked off my list.

I have fabric for three more of these totes cut out. I need to buy more fusible fleece for the insde. Thankfully JoAnns loves my money so much they sent me a 50% off coupon yesterday.

And two small cosmetic bags. I have fabric cut for the matching tote, just need to get to JoAnns today.
My plan is to use the fabric that has already been purchased for the totes and bags this week before I start on anything else.
The kids are complaining there is nothing to eat at the house. Guess I will buy them some groceries on the way home from work today. Don't they understand my priorities.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sewing

Football hanger covers done. I had the solid brown fleece in my stash for over a year. It felt good to do something productive with it.

Bags made from scraps from the boy bibs last week.

A few more bags. I think my favort is the camo with the frogs. It is a flannel, not normally what I would use but I wanted to get rid of the scraps. Wish I could find it in fleece for hangers or in cotton for a couple other projects.

Got up early this morning. You are looking at 116 hanger covers. They are already sewn and packed into the tote for the craft fair. Needless to say my shoulder is a little sore this evening.

But I did sleep very well last night. Buttercup kept me company all night. We did have a odd phenomenon happen today... Mason did his own laundry. Even hung it all up. I must be living in a parrallel universe where a teenager can actually do a chore without being told. Truly amazing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paranormal Event

No I haven't had a paranormal event in my life. Unless you count the flying deer or me spending all day sewing. Mason and I went to see the hot new cult movie Paranormal Event. I have banned the kids to there rooms until morning. If I hear footsteps in the middle of the night they will be grounded. Taking the evening off sewing. I will hit it hard again in the morning.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Work and Progress

Lots of work going on and it doesn't seem like much progress yet.

Just waiting for the work day to get over and can start the real work in this room. I was able to sew 10 of the hanger covers last night. And cut out another 20 from some football fleece. I originally thought I could cut 24 from a yard. I only got 20 with a 3 inch strip left over. Not bad. Just trying to figure out how to mass produce them.

Today is my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday!! And yesteday was her daugthers birthday. Wow where has the time gone?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain-Deer Really Do Fly

Rainy morning in Memphis again. Wild drive to work this morning. SUV in front of me hit a deer. It flew 25 feet in the air over two more lanes of traffic and landed in the grass on the side of the street. Probably something I will never see again in my lifetime.

I picked up some pink and black fleece yesterday to try my hand at making the hanger covers.

These are the easiest thing I have sewn in ages.

And turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so. Cut and stitched 8 of them in about 30 minutes. Awesome project. My sister deserves a round of applause for this one. How many do you think I should make for the craft fair. Got all 8 out of a 1/3 of a yard of fleece. Fleece is on sale everywhere right now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Slacker Sister

The slacker sister would be me. My sister out did herself as usual. I got an awesome package from her yesterday. Her birthday is in two days and her birthday present is still riding around in the car. Yes that would really make me the slacker. Not to mention I stopped working on her big birthday present because of the craft fairs.

My sister goes to a huge craft festival in Minnesota every year. And always seems to find the neatest ideas. From the photo above you can't tell what it is. Luckily she told me what it was before she sent it.

It is a non slip hanger cover made from fleece. And boy does it work. What a neat idea. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate these into the craft fair I am attending. I bet nobody here has seen these.

Of course she sent me other great finds from her shopping excursion also. I will have to show you those a little later. One is already at my office.

But in my defense of being a slacker I had a flat tire yesterday at lunchtime. Did you know it is impossible to hold an umbrella and put air in tire? And you should know by now my car has an invisible bullseye painted on it for the odd and unusal to happen. Remember last fall the kid who lost his brakes and rear ended my car. And this spring the tire that flew off a truck and hit my car. Well it continues. I had a car key stuck in my tire.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost And Found

I found an extra week to prepare for the craft fairs. I thought the first one was November 7th. But the first one isn't until November 14th.

Still need to keep up a decent pace getting items ready for it. I realized I didn't have boy fabric for the burp cloths and bibs. Picked up a few last night. Cut some of them out. Need to cut a few more tonight.
I did count the cosmetic bags. I have 49 of them made. Sure didn't look like that many in the box. Guess I need to do some additional inventory tonight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Many Decisions

First I have to tell you the apple butter is a hit. Our family friend that is the go to chef for everything had it on his biscuits this morning and was impressed. Delivered several more jars to the ladies I work with, one is having some for dinner to night.
David of course likes the vegetable beef stew, said he could have it every day and not get tired of it. I would rather have the apple butter.

I want to make some tissue holders for the craft fair. Upper left is the frist attempt. It doesn't have mitered corners. Lays very flat and awkward. Upper right has mitered corners but I just didn't like it. Bottom left has opening on the top with a lay over flap. Not sure they are worth the trouble to make. Bottom right has mitered corners and seems to be the perfect size. Too many decisions.

Another one of my trials for the craft fair. Luggage tags. The one on the left is made using the tutorial. You can't see the clear vinyl but you can see the stitching that holds it in place. I personally don't like my luggage tags for the world to see my personal information. So I used the same pattern but made the vinyl window smaller so I could fold the tag in half. Put a snap on it so it hides the personal information. Again too many decisions. Think I need to try another one large size with something to cover the personal information. Back to the drawing board.

Four tote bags cut out and ready to be sewn. The blue is actually the lining. I fold them that way to keep all the pieces together before I sew them.

If you have any opinions on the luggage tags or tissue holders I would love to hear them.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Time To Waste

A couple more cosmetic bags. I think I kind of like the flat ones too. Good for money or a small digital camera.

This is what is in the crock pot today. Beef stew. Oh I completely forgot to give an update on the apple butter. It is delicious. Made pancakes this morning to spead a little on. I did pour out some of the extra liquid because I like my apple butter thick. Ended up with 7 half pint jars full. Have enough apples to make another batch. Will probably make that happen one day this week.

And six tote bags done. My favorite are the cup cakes and the green one with mini rick rack.

Off to a movie with Mason and then more sewing before my weekend is over.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Them Apples

How do you like them apples?

Apples all ready to go into the crock pot. Hmm.... They smell delicous.

More cosmetic bags. Got them done before I dropped Kim off at the dance.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Two more cosmetic bags done.

These match a couple of totes bags I have done.

Still have six more staged and ready to get sewn. From this point it takes me 10-15 minutes a bag to complete. I should be able to knock them all out tonight. I will be up a little late waiting to pick Kim up from the Homecoming dance.

And I even have everything staged to start the apple butter in the morning. Although Kim wanted to know if I was throwing out all the sugar in the house. When she first came to live with us two years ago I cut her off all candy and sweets. I think she was afraid I was going to do it to her again.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Apple Butter

No I haven't made the apple butter yet.

Apple Butter Recipe

It looks like a simple enough crock pot recipe I can have cooking while I sew this weekend. I have no intentions of actually canning them. I just want to make the apple butter store some in the fridge and will probably give most of it away at the office.

Thank you Diane for the recipe. And a note to my sister... it uses 2 Tablespoons of cinnamon. If I double the recipe that will make a deal dent in the cinnamon.

I will try to run to the farmers market at lunch today and get apples. Wish me luck.

It's Justified

I didn't work on anything for the craft fairs last night.

But I think it is justified. Instead of making something that I would sell next month at the craft fair I made something that I could sell today. So I think it is justified. One of the girls at the office needed a baby gift. She picked out the pre-pieced fabric. It didn't show in the photo but I used some of the pink satin on the backing of the blanket. Nice to get another yard of that out of the house. When you can catch the fabric on sale it isn't too bad but at the regular price of $16.99 a yard I wouldn't buy it.
Wonder if it would be worth it to make a couple for the craft fair?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Staying Focused

It was very tempting to just do nothing last night. My big fear is the week before the craft fair I am going to be in panic mode so I am trying to stay focused and be productive in small doses now.

I put the snaps on the dozen chenille backed bibs and tied them up last night. I guess at some point I need to count how many I really have. Might be a good job for Kim. She owes me big after sewing the zipper into her homecoming dress.

Someone had sent me a bit of batik fabric with gold veining on it. It actually is a very pretty fabric even though I am not a fan of batiks. I think I am now down to five yards of the pink satin. I pulled out zippers and matched up with fabric for 6 cosmetic bags.