Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Values Quilt Squares

I am glad to see there are others out there working on values quilts. Wish I lived in the Northeast to go to the values quilt class. Can't wait to see what my values quilt actually looks like.

Trimming... still trimming.... More work going into trimming than sewing. I think I am about half done. Although I may start sewing before all the trimming is done.

Tote Done

Just under the deadline I finished the tote bag for my swap partner. It will go in the mail today.
Not sure I totally love the ribbon, but I like it more than not having anything on the side of the tote.
Made a coordinating pouch bag. Surprisingly I still remembered how to make these. I hadn't made a pouch in several weeks. I did find zippers on clearance at Wal-mart for 75 cents. So I might make a few more soon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Compliment Ever

The best compliment ever... Mason was sleeping with his t-shirt quilt this morning. The tote bag is finished although it is missing a little detail. It needs to be post marked by Tuesday so we will see if I add more detail to it or send as is.
Buttery yellow flannel on the inside. That was a remant from JoAnns, but oh so soft. Opps I should say almost finished, I do need to sew on a button.
All the values squares are sewn. Just trimming them before they are sewn together. I did throw out a few during the process. My light/dark match up just didn't look right to me. Think I have 120 squares left.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

T-shirt Quilt Done

T-shirt quilt is finished. Buttercup slept on it the entire time I sewed the binding. I think she claims it as her own.
Mason likes it and that is all that really matters. Too hot to use it this afternoon. But by morning he will be buried under it. Finished out around 55 x70 inches. On to another project.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

T-shirt Quilt

My day started like this. Several projects on my table. Where should I start?
Ended up using a grey woven cotton for the sashing. Found a black and grey plaid flannel for the backing. Funny thing is Mason has now become a quilt critic. All the sudden he has an opinion on how this should look and feel. He walked through the room a few minutes ago and wanted to know when it would be done. I must be doing something right.
Surprised I got this much done today. Even did a couple loads of laundry and saw Transformers with Mason.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Project List

The infamous project list... wouldn't you like to see some new things on this list. I know I sure would.

Project in the works I want to finish:
T-shirt quilt for Mason
Love is in the air quilt
Hexagon Table Topper
Baby Bibs
Values Quilt

Projects someone is waiting on me to complete:
1 tote bag swap

Projects I want to work on:
Christmas quilts
Sleeveless top for me
Oven Mitts

Seems like there is something missing from this list but I can't think of what it is right now.

The good news is there is only one thing that anyone is expecting me to finish. Mason is still on the mend so we are pretty much tied to the house, unless against my better judgement we go to see the movie Transformers. Kim has a friend spending the night, that seems to be against my better judgement also. Must be the heat getting to me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-shirt Template

Template made from poster board. The inside measurements are 15 inches. I put pins in the corners to mark the placement of the interfacing. Removed the template, put the t-shirt on the ironing board and placed the interfacing corners over the pins. It seems to have worked out.
All the interfacing has been ironed on and all the t-shirts have now been trimed to 15 x 15 inches. Next steps are to finish the pocket and make the monogram M. I did have one major freak out while ironing the interfacing on a white t-shirt. I had a moment that I thought I ironed the interfacing on the right side instead of the wrong side. Said a curse word and all was well. Guess I just had too many other things on my mind.
Mason improving every day. No pain meds at all this after noon for his packing change. His is still sitting more than he should but he is trying to take breaks more often.

Values Quilt Layout

There is a pattern to this. The rows repeat themselves in pairs. Hopefully I won't get too lost sewing them together. Spent last night using the June Tailor ruler marking all of the charms. 64 pairs of light/dark charms. That should end up giving me 128- 4 1/8 inch blocks. 3 1/2 inches after square up and final seam allowance. Too early in the morning to do any more math.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Tailor Ruler

Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangle ruler. I picked this up at lunch today. I have read others comments on their blogs that it made triangles much easier. After the pin wheel quilt I realized I could use extra help if it was available. I will let you know how it works out.

And can you believe Joann's does not have grey flannel? How silly is that. The only other color that might have worked was black and I just couldn't do that. Mason would have loved it but I really want grey to make the shirts stand out more. The Hancock Fabric store by my office burned to the ground a few weeks ago. But there is still one close to the house and a Hobby Lobby too. Guess I need to pop in there and look on the way home from work. Gonna be a toss up if I want to stop in this insane heat or just head home.

T-shirt Quilt

This is the layout and plan for Mason's t-shirt quilt.Row three, column two is actually off the sleeve of one of the shirts. I am going to make it into a pocket on the quilt. Row four, column three, I am going to try to applique a M on the fabric from the back of one of the shirts. Thinking a grey flannel for the background of the quilt. At one point I was thinking denim but I don't think he would like the weight of it when done.

The space astronaut is the biggest, just at 12x12 inches. Interfacing is cut 15x15 inches. With at least 1/2 inch seams allowance I think this should work out and give me some extra space. Created a template so I could find the correct positioning of the interfacing for the back of each shirt before I cut it. Had a bad feeling if I cut them to size they would distort before the interfacing was put on.

Hardest part so far was cutting into perfectly good t-shirts. But I knew he wasn't going to wear these any more, they might as well be put to good use.

Values Quilt

I have swapped several 5 inch charms on SwapBot. I now have quite a selection. Then I recently saw a values quilt that interested me. Hers is very nice with all the designer fabrics. Mine will be much more scrappy with all the swapped charms, which is really the style I am looking for. In the whole stack I don't think there are two identical fabrics. I matched up light and dark values last night. Have a whole stack to sew now.
I found this creepy guy in the stack of swapped charms. I know everyone has different tastes but this guy is just plain creepy. Needless to say he isn't making it into the values quilt. I am even more sad to say he isn't saying in my home.
I just want it to be under 100 for a day or two. Give us some rain or something to cool us off. David of course is rubbing it in, highs in the 70's where he is at.
Cut out the interfacing for Mason's tshirt quilt. And even got the tshirts cut apart so I can work on them tonight. More on that later.
Note on Mason, he is feeling much better. As much as I do not like his surgeon he was right on the money saying it would take two weeks for the extreme pain to go away. Mason is sitting more, more than he probably should. Still packing his open wound twice a day. Now we continue to let this heal and pray it doesn't come back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Hot

The radiant heat from the parking lot originally said it was 108 degrees. The thermometer finally settled on a cool 100 for my drive home Monday. Would hate to know what the temp was in the car. No real relief in sight to the heat. It just doesn't feel right working on warm cozy quilts when it is so miserably hot outside.
I did pull together the band tshirts for Mason's quilt. Working on a plan in my head. The shirts are black, grey, white and maroon. Picked up enough interfacing for the tshirts, if nothing major pops up I will start cutting them tonight.
Update on Mason, he is starting to feel much better. He even sat in the living room last night for about 30 minutes. Yes he sat down, and it wasn't even a lean onto one hip. That is progress. Amazing how we take the little things for granted.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling Much Better

I am feeling much better. Getting a routine with Mason and not so stressed about it. I didn't even go home at lunchtime today. Did a little retail therapy instead.
Not sure how this is going to work out but I am going to try to use this snuggly fabric as backing for the Love Is In The Air Quilt. If nothing else I will learn something out of the process of trying. Of course I was fondling this stuff the entire trip back to the office. My craft table at home actually looks clean compared to what it normally looks like.
I have a few household chores to do when I get home but I should have some time to get the creative juices flowing tonight. As hot as it is here I can't believe I want to work on a quilt of any kind.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting My Groove Back

I am getting my groove back. I can't really leave the house for long periods of time right now anyway. I put the binding on the pinwheel quilt today. I have debated all week if I would do some free motion quilting on this. I just couldn't bring myself to add the distraction to the quilt. Instead I chose to keep it very simple. And I am glad I did.
This is probably where the quilt will live, in my spot on the sofa. Although with heat indexes at 105+ I doubt I will want it on me any time soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Updated List

It has been one extremely long weekend. Doctor appointment yesterday for Mason. He says it is healing fine. So we continue doing what we have been doing. Right now I am waiting for his pain meds to kick in so I can change his packing and start my day.
David is mowing. Started at 6am, hope the neighbors don't get upset but the heat index has been 100+ most of the week with no end in sight. I am getting laundry and errands done today. With David leaving in the morning we will do something today to celebrate Father's Day and his birthday.

My updated list to work on while David is gone. You can tell I have had a rough week, I haven't even thought about adding more to my list. Thankful for the things I did get accomplished last week.
Project in the works I want to finish:
Pinwheel quilt
Love is in the air quilt
Hexagon Table Topper
Baby Bibs

Projects someone is waiting on me to start/finish:
1 zippered pouch swap
1 tote bag swap

Projects I want to work on:
Tshirt quilt for Mason
Christmas quilts
Sleeveless top for me

I promise some posts with some photos soon. Just no energy with all the extra care for Mason.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeing Daylight

I think I might be seeing a a bit of daylight on the horizon. Either that or I am just too exhausted to have any good sense about me this week. Recheck with the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully all is well with Mason's wound and it is healing appropriately. Mason has been a real trooper through all of this. David flies out on Saturday for two weeks in Washington state. Working on a new project list to keep me entertained while he is gone. (As if caring for Mason isn't enough entertainment.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

No More Tears

We have had a couple rough days of recovery for Mason. After taking almost two hours for a bath and shower tonight I think we have a process for changing the dressings on his wounds that doesn't involve either one of us breaking down in tears. Repeat that three times a day and I am also back at work this week. I don't see much free time for me in the near future. Exhausted and heading to bed.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Making progress on the pinwheel quilt.
Spray adhesive is my friend and the wind is not. I did finally get it sprayed between rainstorms. Speaking of storms, 3o seconds after I hung up the phone with my mother the tornado sirens went off. We did not have any damage but others around us were not so lucky.
I did not pass out during Mason's first packaging change. Gonna be a long summer. Wonder if I should take pain pills instead of Mason when I do it.

Two for One

Got one knocked off my list that had to get done and one I wanted to do.I made my swap partners a pot holder and sent them one of my favorite recipes, Hawiian Wedding Cake. Still working on my list.

Hawiian Wedding Cake
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups sugar
7 oz chopped pecans
2 cups flour
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple
2 tsp baking soda
Mix well. Bake 325 degrees in 9 x13 pan for 45 to 60 minutes.
Frosting- Soften 8 oz pkg cream cheese with 6 oz butter. Add one cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla. Mix well and spread on cold cake.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Another project marked off my list.

Finished size is approximately 23 x 25 inches. This was a fun recycling project. It is still shedding little blue threads. Debating if I throw it into the washer or dryer. It is heavy. Comparitively it weighs more than the dog, that means at least 6 pounds.

A little more about Mason. Doctor called a few minutes ago. Said the wound is approximately the size and shape of an egg. That is great news. Not large at all compared to what I had prepared myself for. He did warn me to give Mason two pain pills tomorrow before appointment because he would be in pain then as he removed the packing.

Mason Update

We made it home from the hospital by mid afternoon. Mason went up the stairs on his own. Then later got in trouble with me for showing off by flying down the stairs. This morning he says he is sore all over except where he had surgery. So far doing so good. Of course he hasn't sat down yet. Glad it is summer and he can lay in his bed for the next few weeks. If you really want to know about his surgery click here. Not a glamorous disease but very common.I was able to finish embroidering the silk scarf while watching Mason sleep in the recovery room. Even had time to sew up the side seams after I got home. Hemmed Monika's pants while I had my needle out. David and Kim are gone to Nashville until Saturday morning. Hopefully I can get more knocked off my list while they are gone.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My List

Project in the works I want to finish:
Pinwheel quilt
Love is in the air quilt
Embroidered scarf
Denim Rug
Hexagon Table Topper
Baby Bibs

Projects someone is waiting on me to start/finish:
Hem Monkia's pants
Four "send anything" swap packages
1 zippered pouch swap
1 tote bag swap

Projects I want to work on:
Tshirt quilt for Mason
Christmas quilts
Hot pads/Oven mitts - gonna give them one more try.
Sleeveless top for me

Want to take a guess on how many get marked off the list by Monday morning? Of course there are a few unknown factors involved here. How Mason feels after surgery. And when my AC actually gets fixed. Will my office call me while I am off? A couple known factors are Kim and David are gone Thursday morning and won't return until Saturday morning. And the "send anything" swaps have to be post marked by Saturday.

Swamp Cooler

Sometimes it is the little things. You may or may not know what a swamp cooler is. I guess just by chance I do. We lived and worked in Florida for many years and the company I worked at had swamp coolers all over the place. It is basically a self contained air conditioner. You vent it but water generated by the evaporated is contained. A friend of ours heard about our AC and Mason's surgery tomorrow. If the AC isn't fixed by 4pm today, the swamp cooler is coming to live with us.

With two quilt tops stuck waiting to be basted I decided to try something new. I picked up a can of basting spray today. The products have been around forever I just never tried them. Hopefully it will get me over the basting hurdle and get the quilts completed. I should have enough projects to keep me busy during the first few days of Mason's recovery.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Airconditioner is out at the house. Too hot to sew, too hot to sleep. Hope it gets fixed today before Mason has surgery tomorrow. Doubtful but I can always hope.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Almost Done

Almost done with the hex table topper. Although I am afraid I may never put it on the table. The one I have there now Mason spilled mustard on it. Too much work in this one to let it get dirty. Should have it done this week. Just need some time in front of the TV. Shouldn't be too hard considering I am off taking care of Mason later this week.
Denim rug is almost done. Probably need another hour on it. If my estimate is right this has about 1000 pieces sewn into it. Mason says it isn't soft. But this is one of those things that will just get better with time like most denim does.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good news is Mason passed his drivers test this morning. And a friend from work gave birth to her baby boy this morning, also named Mason.

The bad news is my favorite Hancock Fabrics burned down last night. And they bulldozed what was left this morning. It was just a few block from my office and they knew me by name there. Sad.

Ugly news is that Mason will have his surgery on Wednesday. 6 weeks recovery. Accounting Academy is not an option for this summer. And he won't be using that drivers license much.

I will be home for a few days with Mason after his surgery. Hoping he will be resting most of the time so I am getting my sewing list in place.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

So Far So Good

So far I am happy with the results from the denim rug. Only have a couple rows done. One thing I can tell you is this is going to be heavy when finished. Hope to get more done over the weekend.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Project for the Day

The project for today......sew up the fly on all of Mason's boxers. Now doesn't that sound exciting.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Moving Right Along

8 pair of jeans and 1 pair of jean shorts. I have a plan. Not sure how my plan will actually work but at least I have one. The pockets will become a wall organizer and the jean fabric will become a rug. I have 8 more pair of jeans waiting on stand by if I need them. And that doesn't include going into anyone's closets. I am saving that as a last resort.