Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stash Digging

I did a little stash digging last night. A craft fair is the perfect opportunity for me to destash a bit of fabric.

The good news the majority of this fabric was bought in a big lot from craigslist. So I won't feel bad about cutting it up. My goal is to use some of what I have before I start buying more for the craft fair.

Right now my list for the craft fair is:
Bibs and burp cloths
Small and large zippered cosmetic bags
Totes and shoulder bags
Tissue holders
Coupon holders (thank you Michele for the idea)

Still need to narrow down how many and styles of each. I have about 5 weeks before the first craft fair. If you have any suggestions for me, I am all ears.


  1. I'm crazy abt fabric! I want them all!!! haha...
    Good luck in preparing for the craft fair. Love the bibs :-)

    ellysn @ swapbot

  2. I spent waaaay too much time on your blog today! :-) Those little piggies you made are adorable! And the donuts...too cute. I run a preschool and may have to have a donut making marathon to add them to all the play kitchens. I'll be reading you again, thanks! Ky Swap-Bot