Monday, September 14, 2009

More Bags

I did get a chance to sew a few other things.
Well not just things. Zippered bags of course. I think I am starting to make a dent in the zippers. The three plastic boxes that hold the zippers now actually close. Cranberry zippers for the pink lined zippers and lighter olive zippers for the olive lined ones. I did make four. One isn't in the photo because it has been returned to quality control. Fabric keeps getting stuck in the zipper. Maybe I will just send it to someone I want to annoy. Note to self, the corduroy is just yummy. I may have to buy some other prints of it. When I was looking for the olive fabric I ran across a little chunk of skull fabric from a project earlier this summer. Made a couple smaller bags from it.
Three of the four scrappy pieced borders are on the scrappy quilt. Hope to get that fourth one on this week and finish it up with the green border. I thought it looked good without the additional sashing and borders but it really does finish it up. Photos coming soon. Lots of rain in the forecast this week so as soon as it dries out a bit I will get a photo.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you move things you thought would be with you forever? I just cleaned up my studio. I can almost move freely in there now. (Chuckle)

  2. Sorry I forgot to tell you I am from SwapBot. Kimberly3