Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Sweetest Gifts

My crafting abilities came from my mother. Although I can sew, I cannot knit or crochet. I leave that to the experts. My Mom sent me a package full of water bottle holders and wash clothes. I love feel of the cotton yarn. And the colors are just amazing.
I worked on the pink bags, I stopped without sewing the final seams. I am thinking about putting a monogram on them. So I will wait until I have my swap partner's name.
I cut and preped two bags for a different swap partner. Gotta love those doggies in sweaters. Using yellow for the lining.
And a wonderful friend I have made online sent me a package to die for. She made the sweetest ruffled apron and pot holders.
And she sent me some fabric, books and needle booklet. And she didn't even know it was my birthday next week.


  1. I wish I had half of your talent on a sewing machine. I always seem to mess up and can;t sew a straight line to save my life. The care you put into your projects is evident!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you get a package you weren't expecting? It all looks lovely.

  3. I love the pink fabric and the cherry fabric - I can sew and knit but really struggle with crochet! Thats really hard lol. I love the water bottle covers they are cool :)

    (godsrockangel from SB)