Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am making progress. A little taste of the scrappy borders on the quilt. The colors are so much better when I can take the photos outside. But we have rain forecasted for at least three more days.
I had a request to make a Memphis Tigers apron from someone at work. Of course they were all out of Memphis Tigers fabric. But I found LSU Tiger fabric instead for a completely different person. I searched for months last fall trying to find some LSU fabric and was unsuccessful. I found what I hope is a decent pattern for matching oven mitts.
I forgot to share Mason's closet all finished. If you think Mason doesn't have many clothes you would be right. He is so particular about what he wears it would be pointless to keep extra stuff around. I do have several boxes of his old clothes in the garage that will be donated soon. Trust me he isn't running around naked.

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