Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been doing a little sewing. Working on the Mill House Inn Quilt.

As of today I think I am turning it into an hour glass quilt.We will see if that is the plan two days from now.

And this is the yummy surprise in my craft room. Craft room also happens to be the dining room. Although couldn't tell you the last meal we actually ate in there. We found this buffet cabinet 50% off. I love the extra pull out shelves. I have never seen anything like that before. Two large drawers and shelves in the big cabinet underneath. Hope no one opens up a door looking for a gravy boat they will be mighty surprised. I have lots of fabric hid in there already.

Kim is sewing her Homecoming dress. You can't really see it but the bodice has a glittery lace overlay on it. That was an idea we came up with at the fabric store. And she is executing it marvelously so far. The zipper is coming up soon. She gets so frustrated that I won't do it for her, but in the end she really is happier that she did it all by herself. Hancock fabrics has their satin fabrics paired with the overlays and linings in the same colors. It made it so easy to shop for.

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