Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work Has Resumed

Work on the Purina quilt has resumed. The plan in my head has changed a little bit from my initial design.
I am thinking more of a checkerboard stripe between the rows. Partly to add some length to the quilt. Rex is a tall guy.
I am loving the checkerboard fabric. Should get a little more sewn tonight after work. The blue jeans are trying to get the best of me so there is no photo of them yet.
I picked up some minky fabric in the remnant section yesterday. Almost a full yard of minky for $3. Not a bad find. The green was a nice cotton print, half yard for $1.
And then I splurged. I am back to collecting black with white prints. Not to be confused with white with black prints. I just love the look of black prints with a bright color. I have a project in my head but need to collect several more prints before I attempt that.
Now I just need to make a list to work on this weekend so I can be super productive. I think my attention deficit is kicking in again.


  1. Can't wait to see the reaction from 'someone' when he sees the Purina items have been recycled.

  2. Your Purina quilt is shaping up nicely. I do like the red checkerboard fabric with it. Nice.

    Like your new fabric purchases too--especially those great black with white fabrics!

  3. Love the black and whites...I've started a collection of them too. Now I just need to decide what to do with them:) (LittleRed from swap-bot)