Monday, August 10, 2009

Purchase for the Pattern

I am glad to finally get the kids back on a regular schedule. School started today. The tax free weekend took up most of my spare time the past few days. Kim is really into plaids this year. Most of the clothes bought were plaid. Then we ran into this bag while out shopping.
Normally I wouldn't buy one but I figured it is no different than spending money on a pattern. Kim is interested in making some for herself and friends to use for school. It is just the right size to put a couple notebooks into. Not sure I really like the raggedy detail on the bag and it probably won't hold up. It is lined with that cheap plastic lining. At least I have something to pattern off that I know she likes.
And I did start cutting on the Purina quilt. Now that was stressful. To know these shirts have been around for a couple decades and couldn't be replaced. More photos coming soon when I get a chance to work on it.


  1. Cute bag! Someone had a nice (and free) pattern for a bag like that on their blog but I can't remember who it was right now. I'll try to find it and send it to you. The instructions were really good.

  2. I see alot of plaid in the stores right now. I like it paired up with the polka dots in that bag. Not a big fan of the raggedy look for myself but I can see a young girl getting excited about this bag.

  3. Love the bag, great colours and patterns.