Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Very Refreshing

I have had a few less than great swaps from swapbot. But every now and then I get a fabulous swapper than understands.
The swap was a color themed pink and green. See the embroidered flip flops? Those are on some great dishtowels. I might even be able to get Kim to do dishes with those. A journal, tissues, tissue holder, fabric, lace, vintage hankies... not one but three and more fabric, some of it even has lady bugs on it. She followed the rules of the swap, she notified me when she was late. She read my profile. Very refreshing, it really made my day.
There might be some bad news in this swap... I might have to start collecting vintage hankies. They are so adorable and really brought me back to my childhood.

1 comment:

  1. What a great swap! I just love those colours, and the vintage hankies. When I find them in thrift shops I can't resist them myself:) (LittleRed from swap-bot)