Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Red and White Checkerboard

I warned about the red and white. This is where my head is today with the quilt. I will probably look nothing like this when I am done.
My proportions and sizes are not right. This more of a layout for me than anything else. The bright blue squares will be denim, some of it given to me by my Mom. I might actually cut into these tonight. If Rex knew if would be laid out flat on the ground clutching his chest in sheer horror.
I had to go check the Purina website to make sure the checkboard had red in the corners and not white. I was correct it is red.
My friend G that was sewing with me over the weekend commented on how it would be a nice Christmas present for him. Christmas???? I hope to have it done before Labor Day. Did I really say that. Yikes now that is writing I might have to follow through.

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