Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Need More Time

Mason's wound is not healing the way it should, they are putting silver nitrate on it in hopes it will close up. We spent most of last week running between doctors appointments trying to get him healed enough for school to start. I am thrilled to say he made it through the first day of school yesterday without incident, although the wound is still trying to heal. But it isn't looking real promising that they got all of the cyst during the first surgery 9 weeks ago. Running between the appointment will stopped off at the book store to pick up reading for the waiting rooms. Mason got gamer magazines and I got quilting magazines... big surprise, huh?
And look what I found inside directions to make a laptop sleeve. How funny is that. Of course I like my version better. I really do need to make a couple more of these. Guess I will read their directions and see if I can incorporate anything into mine that makes it easier.
There was also an article about making tote bags using trims. Another thing that I can add to my list of projects. And look what Diane emailed me, a tutorial on making the raggedy edge bags. How awesome is that. I mentioned it to Kim last night and she is already picking out colors for her new bag. Just not enough hours in the day. Wonder if my husband would let me quit my real job, stay at home and sew all day.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Mason! Hope everything turns out okay. I hear you about not enough time in the day. Whew, I wake up tired and go to bed tired. I dream of quitting my job to stay at home and sew all day. Of course I probably wouldn't be able to afford any fabric then, so . . . catch 22 I guess!