Monday, August 03, 2009

Funny How That Works

We moved Mason into his "apartment" bedroom on the main floor of our house over the weekend. His room looks great. If he wasn't laying in his bed this morning I would show you a photo of it. We even moved in the loveseat recliner in there for him. Of course he just loves it. He moved into the smallest bedroom in the house and now has 1/4 of the closet space he had before so everything he didn't need or want is now scattered all over the house. Funny how it works that way. My craft room looks like a fabric bomb blew up in there. I sewed for about 30 minutes Friday night and haven't touched the machine since.
I did find these cute little guys during the room shuffle over the weekend. I had made a friend at work a dozen bibs for her little guy but ran out of snaps. This got tucked away in a box about 10 months ago.
I have a couple days of vacation that I will lose if I don't take soon. I am thinking about taking at least one day off this week just to give the house some needed attention.

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