Friday, August 14, 2009

The List

I need to stay focused to get a few things accomplished this weekend. Of course I need to work on the Purina quilt. I am actually having a little fun with it now now that the jeans are worked out. Mason walked through the room last night and saw all shirts cut in strips. He warned me I was going to be in trouble when Rex finds out what I did to his shirts. Why does everyone keep telling me that?

This is the short list of what I really should work on:
Purina Quilt
Craft for a Craft swap for Swapbot (thinking a tote and small matching bag)
Plaid Quilt
Zipper Critter

I have some ideas for bibs and appliques, I was trying to come up with simple shapes that even I could handle. Maybe I can find some time to play around with these ideas.
Monkey Duck Fish
Lion Bear Dog
Cat Pig Frog
Lady Bug Bee Rocket
Pirate Rabbit Butterfly
Cupcake Strawberry Monster

And last weekend I bought all the hardware to completely redo Mason's closet. He said he would help me this weekend. Tiny closet so we should be able to accomplish it in a couple of hours. Closetmaid has a great design tool on their website that will give you a complete parts list. I first used it when I redid the pantry last year.

Last but not least I want to make a flash diffuser. Odd little project, I will have to let you know how that one goes.

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