Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of the Closet

I didn't do too bad with my crafting list from last weekend.

Got as far as I had wanted on the Purina Quilt
Craft for a Craft swap for Swapbot Tote and small matching bag-Done and ready to be mailed
Plaid Quilt-Done
Flash diffuser for camera-Done
Zipper Critter-Ideas are still in my head.
And this closet is looming over my head. We really do have great closets in our house. Except this one is more of a hall closet but all Mason has access to in the downstairs bedroom. My simple goal for tonight is to get everything out of the closet. The shirts are Mason's and I think his guitar is down there somewhere but everything else is mine that needs to find a home in another closet.
How many blue and white shirts should one teenager own? I guess if it works why change it.

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