Friday, August 28, 2009

At It Again

Busy week but I did find time to shop a little again
Adorable frog print for a couple special projects. And had to buy the Tweety print, it was on clearance. I needed some lady bug prints for a swapbot swap I am in . Have to send 5 lady bug themed items.
Project list for the weekend:
Purina quilt - I would like to get it hand tied with buttons
Lady Bug swap- Make tote, pouch bag, maybe a key chain (if I can find my d-rings)
Red swap- I am sure I have red fabric around to make a pouch to send.
Zipper Critter- This guy is tormenting me.
Frog project- I should have time to at least start.
Scrappy Quilt- Only if I finish the others will I play with this. I promise.

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