Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mom's Surprise

Where on earth I got the motivation and energy to finish this last night is beyond me. Time is ticking pretty fast and I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to work on this much in the next couple of days before I go visit my mom.

Note to Mom: Now is the time to quit reading

It looks like a giant padded envelope.
That actually stores a laptop. Laptop sleeve to be exact. It is definitely custom made. Snug fit but that is exactly how I wanted it. Mom already has a laptop but it has been giving her problems so I am taking my old one to her. Can't deliver a plain boring laptop.


  1. That's very nice! I never would have guessed you were making a laptop sleeve. I was betting on a throw.

  2. A handmade gift is a always a nice touch to a dear person like your Mom!


  3. This is a great gift!! I want to learn how to sew my own laptop bag soon :) i just need the padding for in between the fabric. Great work!