Monday, February 02, 2009

Lots of WIP Now

As usual my weekends seem to fly by. I had some time to start and work on several projects. Now just to get some done. The start of pot holders using my itsy bitty scraps from the Love is in the Air quilt. Silly me who in their right mind uses white on pot holders. A nice pan of lasagna from the oven will surely destroy them.
With any luck these will turn into camera strap covers. I thought about Velcro or snaps to hold it around the existing strap but I really don't like those options. I will quilt it and then just sew it up into a long tube to cover the existing strap.
As I finished up the Love is in the Air quilt top over the weekend I found this underneath. It is all the scraps from the red, white and black quilt. Well not all the scraps but enough to make a good size doll quilt.
And the Love is in the Air quilt top hanging nicely over the back of a chair, taunting me to quilt it. I don't mind the quilting. It is the basting that I despise.

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  1. I collect pigs and I love your cute little ones. I would like to buy one. How much are they?