Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For a Weeknight

I should get sick more often. For a weeknight evening I got quite bit done. Wonder how much more I would have gotten done if I wasn't sick. I joined a Swap-Bot swap for small doggie toys. These are duplicates of two of Buttercups favorites toys I have made her, both made from fleece. My partner has three small dogs but there is no way I have the energy to make another one this week. Our crazy little Buttercup won't play with rubber or plastic toys. They must be stuffed and not have anything she can chew on. The fleece dog bones are great for her, one of her favorites to play fetch with.

I found some stone rings at JoAnn's yesterday to finish the Jester Bags. They are all done. It would have been nice to use bells for the ends but the bead look fine to me. And better yet it uses up some stuff out of my stash. My Debbie Mumm fabric is down to mostly scraps now. Maybe time to throw together another little tote bag.

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  1. Very cute homemade toys. My little maltese, Gidget prefers the soft toys too. She has a little pink rubber squeaky bone that she's terrified of. It's kinda funny actually.