Sunday, February 08, 2009

Before Noon

Mornings are more productive for me. For some reason I can get more done before noon than any other time of the day. I will blame my mother for that trait. And to make it worse I have passed it on to Mason. Not many soon to be seventeen year olds beg to get woke up by 6am. A better photo of the bag I made yesterday. I may actually have to write up a tutorial for this. It was so simple and turned out great. Double pocket detail on the inside of the bag.
Now I am loving the camera strap covers. Both made from scraps from the red, white and black quilts. Whipped up in 5 minutes. Used the fusible fleece for the padding. It was the perfect weight and quick.
Pot holders that were finished yesterday. Again from scraps.
Finally started and finished the Sakara bag this morning. Believe it or not I like to hand sew. I find it very relaxing. But this little bag was way to fussy for me. Sorry swap partner but this is what you are getting and I am throwing away the pattern instructions on this one.

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  1. I would love to see the tutorial! The bag is really, really cute! =)