Monday, February 16, 2009

Hexagon Quilt

On several blogs I follow I have read about people working on their hexagon quilts in the car during long road trips. We have a long road trip coming up in March. A 12 hour drive each way. 24 total hours I could do some serious damage on a hexagon quilt. Then I ran across this web page...

I just had to laugh. Only 492 steps. Do I really want to tackle this? I could just turn on David's new iPod touch and watch endless amounts of movies that will turn my brain to mush. Well at least it is less than 500 steps. Then I read farther and it only has the first 22 steps. This has to be a sign and it can't be good. How many of these little hexagons do you actually need anyway?
** Edited to add Seven Step version for Hexagon Quilt. Maybe you are one of those people that need all 492 steps. I am perfectly fine with 7 steps and winging my way through it. I don't like following patterns anyway.

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