Friday, February 13, 2009

If They Would Leave Me Alone

If they would just leave me alone and let me sew. I would like to work on a few of these. I didn't plan it this way but there are 14 projects and David will be gone another 14 days.
Storage Cubes
Rice Heat Therapy Bag
Teddy Bear
Tote Bag
Pyramid Door Stop
Tooth Fairy Pillow
Penny Pocket
Stuffed Panda
Ruby Doll
Storage Basket
Wrist Cuff
Wee Bunny
Fabric Doll House
Cloth Baby Shoes
And I just knew Joann and I would have a fabulous relationship. Coupon via email today. I don't need much more incentive than that to make a shopping trip during lunch.

Not to mention I still have these projects in the works:
Red, White and Black tote bag - need to write a tutorial with that
Another camera strap cover - gotta make one for Michele
Love is in the Air Quilt
Red, White and Black scrap doll quilt

The quilts just may have to wait. They are so time consuming at this point and I can complete several other projects with that same energy.

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