Thursday, July 02, 2009

Values In the Works

The value quilt is in the works now. A couple of the rows are not attached yet. And a couple more need to be sewn together. So far I like it. There are a couple darks that were probably more of a medium/light but it still works. I love Diane's idea of making a baby quilt like this. One of the ladies that works for me has her first grand daughter due in November. I might just have to steal the baby quilt idea.
When you take away the color from the photo you can see the pattern even better. If ever in doubt about what is light or dark looking at it without color shows the value quite well. David won't be home until late Friday, I should get a chance to finish this. Funny thing is none of this fabric is anything I purchased. All of it is swapped charms from Swap-bot.
Update on Mason: Doctor says to keep doing what we are doing. He is still healing. I can tell the hole is smaller but not small yet. Watching the summer disappear fast. Hope to get him healed good enough for school to start the first part of August.

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