Thursday, July 16, 2009

Highs and Lows

Got a great report from the doctor yesterday on Mason. His wound is healing nicely. Quicker than expected. We do not have to pack gauze in the wound anymore. We can now just bandage the wound. School starts in a couple weeks so this is great news. And he should be able to travel OK this weekend.

Saw the Harry Potter movie yesterday evening. Good movie. That could be creepy scary for little kids but overall it was a good movie. Long movie.

As we are pulling in the drive way last night I noticed one of the upstairs windows was open. Later figured out the lock broke on it and it had popped open. Got inside the house only to find water all over the floor in the kitchen, another pin hole leak in a pipe in the ceiling. Wake up this morning to the light bulb burnt out in the refrigerator. And walk outside to one of the cars covered in graffiti.

I am ready to have a mini vacation to Iowa this weekend. Hopefully all will go well.


  1. my gosh rochelle, I'm sorry! Will you be able to remove the graffiti or will you have to have the car painted?

  2. Great news on Mason, but sorry about all the other trauma you are going thru. A well deserved getaway is in order.