Monday, July 06, 2009

Forces of the Universe

Do you ever have a day when you feel like all the forces in the universe are working against you? Today was that day for me. I don't dare go near sharp objects, I will just stay out of the craft room today. I think I have a plan to finish the values quilt. Navy blue for the binding. Left over squares pieced on the backing with navy and a lighter blue. Funny thing is all the squares are from fabric swapped on swapbot. The navy blue is something my mother sent me and the lighter blue is from my craigslist purchase. I haven't actually purchased any fabric for this quilt. I like the choice of the navy blue. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and I can work with sharp objects again.
Good news is I did get six tote bags finished over the weekend. There were many times I wanted to quit but fought my way through it and got them done. Nice to have a sense of accomplishment.
I am headed to bed early tonight. Don't dare risk tempting fate any more for today.

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