Friday, July 03, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Nice to have an extra day off work. David is still trying to fly home. Flight delayed, hoping to have him home before midnight.Made a few boxy pouches.I can get three out of a fat quarter. Made one for my swap partner. Just need to get some coordinating thread and I can send it.
The values quilt top is finished. I guess I didn't think this through too much. What do you use for a binding and backin for something so scrappy. Gonna have to think about it.
My little sun lover was even enjoying the day.
And six tote bags are ready to be sewn. Why on earth I went down that path today is anyones guess. There was fabric just begging to be touched. How could I deny it.

1 comment:

  1. Love your quilt top! How do you think it would look with a solid back and binding? Maybe just a white or off-white? Your pup reminds me of my dog, Betsy. Betsy loves to lay in the sun too, only problem is she doesn't seem to know when to go inside or move to the shade. She'll just keep laying there until she's panting so hard I get worried about her and go move her myself. Maybe she's working on her tan, I don't know!