Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bibs and Burp Cloths

A friend of mine has convinced me to do a couple craft fairs with her this fall.
I am stocking up on extra bibs and burp cloths. I am thinking about rolling them up into sets and displaying in a bassinet. What do you think my husband will say when I buy a bassinet?


  1. Did you make all those bibs? That's so awesome! Too bad I live outside of the US or I'd like to buy a few from you!

  2. *chuckles* that sounds like a great presentation idea for a fair!

  3. I miss craft fairs. I used to go to them at least once a year but now I haven't been to one in years. I think I have to get myself to go to one again! They have the coolest stuff!

    Glad you're going to participate! Grins at the thought of buying a bassinet.

    - Kiwi / CarbonxKiwi (SB)

  4. The bassinet is a good idea. I know if my husband saw me with one, he'd wet his pants. He always looks worried when I drift into the baby section of Target - even though he knows my friends are all having babies at the moment.

  5. You can never have enough. My friend does ultra cool ones with themes, and she sales by the dozen. Her last one was a Harry Potter bib, soooooo cute.