Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stash Busting

I went into Hancock Fabrics today and didn't buy fabric. Walked away spending less than $5 on a spool of lime green thread and a beige zipper. How exciting is that. I am trying very hard to work on reducing my stash right now. Of course this may not last long. But trying to limit my purchases to reducing something in my stash. Like the thread was to make a bag from fabric out of the stash. The zipper was to use up a couple of scraps out of the stash. Feeling good about the stash busting.

Ready for David to come home from Oregon and deal with the kids for a while. Drivers Ed behind the wheel is this week. That is stressful enough without the other kid thinking the world revolves around her. Consequences for her actions is a tough reality lesson that is being learned the hard way.

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