Friday, April 24, 2009


I broke down at lunch and bought some completely unneeded fabric. But the flannel was 50% off and I really wanted to make a few burp cloths. I haven't really done a splurge like this in a while.

Remember I have teenagers. Not a lot of use for burp cloths at my house. Do you see that precious little piggie peeking out on the left. I bought all they had of it (less than two yards). The reason you need to be quiet about my fabric is David called a few minutes ago. He has been in hot water with me all week. Said the kids were going to a movie with friends and did I want to grab a milk shake and go to the fabric store tonight.

He really wants to find LSU fabric for the special request apron, it is for one of the guys he works with. But I know I need to get a list together while he has his wallet open.

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