Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Boxy Pouch Bigger

Had a pink 14" zipper that someone had sent me as part of a swap.

Worked out perfectly for a bigger Boxy Pouch. It would make a nice travel size bag for toiletries. Instead of the 8x6 pieces of fabric with the 9 inch zipper. I used 2 pieces of fabric 12x10 inches. I have a little 6 inch pale green zipper that was also sent to me. Hopefully tonight it will find a little boxy pouch of its own. So far I have used all scrap fabric and bought nothing to make these little pouches. The fusible fleece onces are so much nicer. But the plain fabric ones fit nicely into a standard envelop, and I don't think they will require any additional postage. A couple of them are going in the mail today.

I got my car back yesterday after almost a month of trying to get it repaired from the tire accident. And I get to take it back to them today. The low tire pressure sensor isn't working correctly. I assume it will take them a few more days to fix it. ARGH!!! I miss driving my car.

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