Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple Shapes Hexagon

I am not really a vintage quilt kind of person. Most vintage quilts do nothing for me. But hexagons fascinate me. I have wanted to start a hexagon project but have been hesitant when I hear stories of them not getting completed. Ran into Joann's at lunch today looking for a hexagon kit of some kind. Didn't really find what I was looking for but found this instead. Teflon hexagons. Baste around the fabric, tighten around the hexagon and iron. Teflon won't melt. Use the pokey thing to remove the fabric. Comes with 25 Teflon hex's. I think I could baste in front of the television and actually spend time with the family.
Used my 40% off coupon so cost me $6. We might have a winner here. I will have to let you know. I like hand sewing so we will see how this works out. I may learn to despise hand sewing. I did see a project someone did with hexs. It was a mug mat (coaster). I may be able to make one that size without getting bored.
If snow in Denver doesn't hold up David he will be home tomorrow. He has lots of recorded shows to watch so I may be in hexy heaven (or the other word that starts with H).

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  1. I've just purchased these same teflon hexes... and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use them. How does the "special tool" get the thing out without pulling out the basting stitches? Or does one pull them out and just rely on the pressing to keep the shape? Arrrgh! (thanks for any advice that may keep me from pulling out my ever-greying hair...)