Friday, February 26, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?

Where did this week go? Unfortunately I think there are going to be several more hectic weeks in the near future.
A friend of a friend is a cheerleading coach. She has 6 cheerleaders graduating high school this year. So the friend found her these photo tote bags at Bed Bath and Beyond for $5.
And wanted names embroidered on them. Kind of a pain getting the hoop in the bag. I have two more to finish tonight.

I have been putting off a couple dry wall repairs (from the leaky pipes) that need to get done this weekend. Once that is done I won't feel guilty about sewing. I have another pair of lounge pants to make for me. A furry cover for Mason's body pillow. Binding to put on the days of the week kids quilt.

My co-worker has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I had to joke around with him about getting the most unglamorous type of cancer. Odd how this all started with a swollen ankle on New Years day. His family doctor told him the swollen ankle probably saved his life.

Note on Mason, we are waiting for surgeon's nurse to call us back with date for surgery (#2 for Mason). Kind of like testicular cancer, pilonidal cysts are not glamorous. Trust me don't look up pilonidal cysts on the internet unless you have a strong stomach. Open wound healing is not for the weak.

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