Monday, February 15, 2010

Frog One

I have moved on to a new project with the frog appliques. I am thinking a mini quilt similar to the cupcake mini I made over the weekend. Frog number one is done. Well actually 3 of frog number one are done.

More snow again last night. And we have had flurries most of the afternoon. We might see snow once a winter, this is our fourth accumulation of snow this year. Luckily the kids were already out of school for Presidents Day.


  1. Very cute! LOVED the cupcake quilt.

  2. What a cute frog! I just jumped online to check some how-to's for applique with the embroidery machine and discovered you used the very same cupcake I downloaded on your cupcake mini-quilt! The very visual help I needed. (And I did order my threads for my Valentine gift.) xo,