Friday, February 12, 2010

The Magic Number

The magic number today is 4. Four is how many months late I am mailing my sister's birthday present and 400 is the number on this blog post. I can't let those two milestones pass without recognition.
So I went through my stash of tote bags I made last fall and found one of my favorites to give away. Leave a comment on any of the posts over the next four days. One comment per person per post. On Tuesday I will randomly draw a name to win this tote. And I will even embroider any name you want on it.

The messenger bag got a little work done on it last night. David likes the size of these pockets. Now just to figure out how many more, what size and where the rest go. If I finish this by Sunday I don't have to get him anything for Valentine's Day.
Megans blanket is finished. Mason is hiding it in his room.
When I took the photo of Megan's blanket I felt compelled to get a photo of the crab tank. The crabs must be doing well. The little one that hides in a cave under a water dish molted over the weekend. Kinda creepy picking up crab parts.


  1. Oh, love the Springy tote. I'd like even better to win it! Megan's blanket turned out great; bet she's going to love it. xo,

  2. Hmm. most of my presents are very late also. Heh. I think I'm now five months past due on a present. Oops.

    Ah well. :)

    Love the totes. They look fabulous! And congratulations on hitting 400 posts.

  3. I love the green tote also. It's so adorable. But I wouldn't feel bad. I'm still working on my brother in law's Christmas quilt from last year.

  4. Love the color of the tote, it's adorable and fits me ;)

  5. Perfect for spring (the tote, not the crabs). Although the crabs do interested daughter would love something like that. Is it very high maintenance? Anyhow, thanks for the chance to win!