Friday, February 05, 2010

Binding Ready

What is this? It is binding for the October quilt. I ripped out some stitching last night on it. The plan is to quilt and bind it this weekend.
More preloaded designs that came with my machine. Love the delicate flowers. Brother did a great job on their designs, the detail is great.
Love Letter free design I down loaded. I liked the fact that it wasn't a solid satin stitch that would make the fabric stiff. But the design just looks a little odd to me once stitched.

No more embroidery until the October quilt is done.... unless it is embroidery on the October quilt.


  1. I like the way the love letter design looks. It looks almost like you drew it on the fabric with pen & ink and then watercolored it in.

    It's really pretty.

  2. Hi Rochelle, I'm loving following your embroidery adventure. In fact I posted about you today. xo,