Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Press

I have seen rave reviews about the Best Press spray starch. I finally picked up a bottle last week at Hancock Fabrics. (It was on sale and in a pretty display basket, how could I resist). Wow that stuff is really awesome. No flaky white reside when ironing. And like everyone else has commented it smells wonderful. I had a hand embroidered piece that I couldn't get a wrinkle out of, this stuff got the wrinkle out in one shot. I would highly recommend picking up a bottle. And I didn't know this until I did a little research but it works as a stain resistant also.

Finished the lady bug lounge pants last night. Sorry no photo of me modeling. However they were quite comfy.

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  1. Went to Hancock today and they had bottles of this sitting everywhere. Now I wish I'd bought some and may go back tomorrow! xo,