Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is my kind of project. I joined a mini quilt swap on Swapbot.
Four appliqued cupcakes. A nice project to use up some scraps of fabric. The finished size is about 10 inches square. For some reason this was much more satisfying to finish than David's messenger bag. I think I need to work on a few more small projects.

Nice quiet Valentine's Day at our house. I got just what I wanted... 104 spools of embroidery thread. It won't be here for a few more days but I am fine with that. I should never have to complain about not having the right shade of green.


  1. Rochelle, that's the very thing I was thinking of ordering for my Valentine's...embroidery thread! Wow, 104 spools, good for you! xo,

  2. very cute!!!!
    ill have to show Whit :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!