Monday, February 01, 2010


The last of my Dakota Collectibles design purchases. On another piece of waffle weave, it will make a nice bar towel for someone in Minnesota. Large 5x7 design. Took forever with 28 color changes.
Cat was a free design I found on the internet. Made for my mother in law. Not bad for the price.

Lesson learned embroidering this weekend... keep an eye on the bobbin thread. It can be changed out mid design but requires more effort.

David wants laptop bag version 2.0. Picked up some fabric yesterday for it. Need to draw it out and get all of the features he wants included in this one. Funny how he had no opinion on the first one when I asked him what he wanted. This time he has lots of opinions.

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  1. Wow! The one with the dog and the duck is amazing! I'm incredibly impressed. I probably would have ended up punching a wall and burning my sewing machine if I ever attempted something like that.