Thursday, February 11, 2010


Had a minor detour from the messenger bag last night. Mason's friend "I don't like her that way" Megan turns 18 on Monday. In Mason's words she is a redneck. I found some pink camo fleece on clearance yesterday. I should be able to finish the blanket stitching on it tonight in under an hour. Then to figure out if he will let me embroider anything on it. Doubtful Mason will even touch anything pink. I might have to encase it in a lead gift bag.

Teenagers are driving me nuts this week. Mason went to pick Kim up from a friends house 5 minutes away. 30 minutes later Kim calls the house looking for Mason. His cell phone is at home, we can't find him. Next thing I know he is pulling back into the drive way. He got to Kim's friends house. He waited outside and Kim never came out. Not sure which kid I am more annoyed with... the one who wouldn't look out the window to see if her ride was there or the one who wouldn't get out of the car to knock on the door.

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  1. Hoo boy. I'm not sure which one would irritate me further.

    I'm not really looking forward to the teen years. I'm thinking that one of my daughter's aunties will be getting an extended visit (especially if my girl is anything like me at that age) *shudders*