Monday, January 11, 2010


This is the cleanest my craft table has been in months. The only project I need to be working on is sitting next to the sewing machine. It was supposed to be finished mid-October, I have no excuses at this point.

David loves to keep the house cold, not cool... COLD, our first level was in the low 40's for several days. You would think after the pipe freezing several times this past week he would let us have soon heat. The pipe never did burst which just reinforced the artic temps at our house. Needless to say I have been spending way too much time under the heated blanket with this little one. We should have highs in the 50's by the weekend. I might get the feeling back in my fingers enough to sew by then.


  1. oh my god... what a cutie.... and seriously... the 40s is cold! I keep my temp at 65 and think it's a bit on the cool side at times....! I'm dropping by from the 'Be my blog follower' swap (collagecafe04).

  2. hi its shilpa from "be my blog follower" what a cute pup =)