Friday, January 08, 2010

Down Memory Lane

This should take my sister and mother down memory lane.

I was talking to the ladies in Payroll that work for me and the conversation turned to these mini cedar chests. Three of the four of us got them when we graduated and still have them today. I bet my sister still has hers also. The question is now what is stored inside of them. I will look through mine tonight.

Lane History: Lane began producing miniature cedar chests in 1925. Five years later, the firm's sales manager converted these miniatures into a great promotional idea: the company invited young women about to graduate from high school to pick up a free miniature chest at their local furniture store. By 1984 more than 15 million prospective Lane customers had received these promotional gifts.


  1. My mom had one of these when I was little. When I graduated high school I got one, too. I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe I still have it somewhere.

  2. Interesting that an advertising gimmick from 85 years ago is still paying off for the advertiser. Now THAT was a good idea!

  3. I still have mine!

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  5. these are so pretty i collect wooden boxes
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  6. It's a very pretty box!

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  7. Oh my goodness! I have four of the same boxes that I received from my father! How cool is that?

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  8. This brought back memories. I am sure my mother still has my little chest, but we haven't spoken in several years, so I will probably never see it again.

    My grandmother gave all of us girls one of those little cedar chests one year for Christmas. I kept ephemera from dates and fun family times in it.

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  9. I have mine!
    My mini-cedar chest contains my collection of pressed pennies, foreign coins, and the only existing copy of a photo of my daughter and her great-great grandmother.

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  10. I didn't get one when i graduated - but i got my aunts from when she graduated and I still have it :)