Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Ditch Effort

The October quilt has been basting and even had some quilting done on it. I took a break from quilting and went to see a movie with the family yesterday afternoon. When I got back to the sewing machine it had a tension problem which has now turned into a completly nonfunctioning sewing machine. It won't pick up any bobbin thread. ARGH. And I was actually making progress until this happened.

So I dragged out my trusty old sewing machine that froze up on me about 18 months ago that I never took in for repair. In a last ditch effort to get it working gave it a complete oil bath. After a couple of hours and much force got it working again. Of course it was too late to work on the October quilt but at least I have one working machine in the house again.

On a side note Mason called the Lovely Bones movie "trippy". It was not the typical cookie cutter movie thats for sure. I actually thought it was a very sad movie.

Now to clean up all the oily mess on my table so I can start sewing again. And get the broken machine to the repair shop before I have problems again.


  1. Thank goodness for backup machines whether in tip-top shape or not. Always good to have a spare on hand! xo,

  2. Oops, that's nanaofnc...seem to be having an identity crisis today. ;)

  3. Oh man. Sewing machine issues send me over the moon. I'm glad you had a backup.

  4. I want to see that movie.
    Liz @ Observations n Such