Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am actually quite impressed that it took me 13 days into the new year to buy any fabric.

A yard of the retro cowgirl print and a half yard of the red bandana print were whispering my name. I could hear them all the way across the store. I probably wouldn't have bought it except it was on clearance. Tax included just over $6 for both.

We are having a relative heat wave here, highs in the 50s. I might come out from under the heated blanket long enough to sew.


  1. Nice! Love the cowgirls. And you can't beat the price.

  2. So cute! And a great price. Warming up here too. Was shocked when it hit 40 over the weekend. I'm ready for spring.

  3. Cute fabrics!You made it longer than I did! I have to start my resolution all over again!

  4. Hi, love your new fabric. Reminds me of my childhood and love of Roy Rogers and such (shows my age). Not sure how I got to your blog in some roundabout way, but happy to have found your cute space. Enjoy your new fabrics!