Thursday, January 28, 2010

Embroidered Buttons

I had some little scraps of the zebra fabic left over. Embroidered two "E"s and made them into buttons.

I also had some pink and black fur left over from a project last year.

So I have made Emily a pillow, pink on one side, black on the other to match her throw blanket. By the way, the blanket was a hit. Her Grandmother said she wore it around the house like a badge or honor the entire evening. Only problem is her little sister wants one.


  1. that is amazing that you can do that for the buttons - so creative!!!! awesome

  2. The buttons look really awesome! And I'm glad the blanket was a hit. Very nice.

  3. Even thought your embroidery machine is new, I've got a feeling you are quite experienced in using an embroidery machine. You've just about inspired me to drag out that embroidery machine again! xo,