Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gold Star

My husband gets a gold star today. We met at lunch yesterday and took in my backup sewing machine to be repaired. I should have it back in a couple of days. I think it is just the timing that needs to be adjusted since it won't pick up any bobbin thread. I had an embroidery machine about 10 years ago but started paper crafting about the same time so I eventually sold my embroidery machine. But I have been drooling over the Brother Disney machines for quite some time. In particular we were both eyeing the Brother 780D yesterday. He kept asking me questions about it last night.

I was running an errand at lunch today and saw my husband pull into the parking lot of the sew/vac store today. If nothing else he gets a gold star for effort but I know the man too well, I will have a surprise waiting for me when I get home today.


  1. Oh boy, kudos to your hubby if that surprise makes it to your house. It's hard to beat a Brother machine of any kind. Good luck...and enjoy! I've got an older version of the Disney sewing/embroidery machine that's a little workhorse and my backup machine. xo,

  2. What a very excellent husband!

    Love it when they do things like this. :)