Friday, January 22, 2010

Nothing is Safe

Nothing is safe from the embroidery machine now.

Burp cloth I had made for the craft fairs. One of the girls that I work with got married in Jamacia last month. No hopes of a baby anytime soon. It was a good joke to give her. Not sure if her new husband will appreciate the humor.

Spelling counts. There is a neat feature to "check" your word before you start embroidering. I guess I really should use that. Although I still probably wouldn't have caught my error. I picked a j instead of an i. Wonder if Jessie will appreaciate the name change to Jessje. At least it isn't really noticeable.

I had some holiday mug covers still laying around. I still need to snip the threads but they look pretty good. Nothing is safe from me now.


  1. I would have never noticed the misspelling until you pointed it out.

    Love the embroidery!

  2. Love that you're enjoying that new embroidery machine so much! xo,