Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Many Decisions

First I have to tell you the apple butter is a hit. Our family friend that is the go to chef for everything had it on his biscuits this morning and was impressed. Delivered several more jars to the ladies I work with, one is having some for dinner to night.
David of course likes the vegetable beef stew, said he could have it every day and not get tired of it. I would rather have the apple butter.

I want to make some tissue holders for the craft fair. Upper left is the frist attempt. It doesn't have mitered corners. Lays very flat and awkward. Upper right has mitered corners but I just didn't like it. Bottom left has opening on the top with a lay over flap. Not sure they are worth the trouble to make. Bottom right has mitered corners and seems to be the perfect size. Too many decisions.

Another one of my trials for the craft fair. Luggage tags. The one on the left is made using the tutorial. You can't see the clear vinyl but you can see the stitching that holds it in place. I personally don't like my luggage tags for the world to see my personal information. So I used the same pattern but made the vinyl window smaller so I could fold the tag in half. Put a snap on it so it hides the personal information. Again too many decisions. Think I need to try another one large size with something to cover the personal information. Back to the drawing board.

Four tote bags cut out and ready to be sewn. The blue is actually the lining. I fold them that way to keep all the pieces together before I sew them.

If you have any opinions on the luggage tags or tissue holders I would love to hear them.

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