Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Slacker Sister

The slacker sister would be me. My sister out did herself as usual. I got an awesome package from her yesterday. Her birthday is in two days and her birthday present is still riding around in the car. Yes that would really make me the slacker. Not to mention I stopped working on her big birthday present because of the craft fairs.

My sister goes to a huge craft festival in Minnesota every year. And always seems to find the neatest ideas. From the photo above you can't tell what it is. Luckily she told me what it was before she sent it.

It is a non slip hanger cover made from fleece. And boy does it work. What a neat idea. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate these into the craft fair I am attending. I bet nobody here has seen these.

Of course she sent me other great finds from her shopping excursion also. I will have to show you those a little later. One is already at my office.

But in my defense of being a slacker I had a flat tire yesterday at lunchtime. Did you know it is impossible to hold an umbrella and put air in tire? And you should know by now my car has an invisible bullseye painted on it for the odd and unusal to happen. Remember last fall the kid who lost his brakes and rear ended my car. And this spring the tire that flew off a truck and hit my car. Well it continues. I had a car key stuck in my tire.


  1. woah, you sure you don't need to call in a priest and have your car exorcised? lol!