Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sewing

Football hanger covers done. I had the solid brown fleece in my stash for over a year. It felt good to do something productive with it.

Bags made from scraps from the boy bibs last week.

A few more bags. I think my favort is the camo with the frogs. It is a flannel, not normally what I would use but I wanted to get rid of the scraps. Wish I could find it in fleece for hangers or in cotton for a couple other projects.

Got up early this morning. You are looking at 116 hanger covers. They are already sewn and packed into the tote for the craft fair. Needless to say my shoulder is a little sore this evening.

But I did sleep very well last night. Buttercup kept me company all night. We did have a odd phenomenon happen today... Mason did his own laundry. Even hung it all up. I must be living in a parrallel universe where a teenager can actually do a chore without being told. Truly amazing.

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  1. One hundred and sixteen! JINKIES. I believe I would have gone insane right around 25. You continue to amaze me.